Men's concerns with Government, Feminism, Racism and Male Humor!



I’m sick and tired of being crapped on! At work, when I go to the store, everywhere I go. The whole United States is obsessed with being politically correct. A white American is no longer allowed to speak their mind or tell the truth! Everyone is afraid that something may hurt someones feelings. Their feelings probably need to be hurt! Then you suffer the repercussions! It’s all a bunch of BULL!

I’m known as BIG DADDY in other realms and I don’t give a damn about being politically correct! This realm is ours!

Do you know someone who got a promotion at work because of their race? I do! Were you or some one that you know better qualified for the position? I did! Are you afraid that if you say anything, you will be the one that is called a racist? I was! Leave your post here!!!

Is your boss a woman and boasts about how men and women should be equal while she waits for you to open the door for her?

If your sick of all of the daily shit we have to endure in this POLITICALLY CORRECT society?

If these things piss you off too, lets talk about them!

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