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I’m not into ( women’s fashion ) but I have to give my two cents on this one!  WTF is wrong with this bitch woman?  I think Chris Brown must have hit da bitch a little too hard upside her head!

Rihanna, this supposedly empowered “BLACK WOMAN”,  is out and about in New York wearing this stupid fucking monkey dress!  Blacks are supposedly trying to rise above racism, so WHY THE FUCK, would she wear a dress with a picture of a BIG FREAKING MONKEY on it knowing what it implies unless she was trying to cause trouble?

I’ll tell you why!  She is an average black person, slapping every white person in America in the face wearing a tasteless and potentially racially charged piece of clothing, (daring anyone to say what they are thinking )!   And it works….  I’m sure that the potential fear of being called a honkeyracist kept every-ones mouth shut!  If she is this stupid, no wonder her boyfriend beat her ass.

If my wife, Aka Big Mama, were to go to town wearing a dress with a picture of a ” CRACKER ” on the front, every black person she passed would have made a racial comment!  Guaranteed!

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Adam Lambert’s first movie !

Adam Lambert

On the set of his first movie,


Hello Sailor

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“Twilight” MEETS “Broke Back Mountain”

“Twilight” meets “Broke Back Mountain”


What do these movies and the actors in them have in common?  THE ALL SUCK!

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Florida Woman Charged With – BITING HUBBY’S DICK !

Charris Bowers of Deltona, fla. was charged with biting her husband’s pecker…

Her husband, Delou and she, apparantly had come home from a bar late one Friday night in December. 

The police report states, the 27 year old Charris claims she was sitting on the couch when he put his “cock” in her mouth, so she bit his boner to get him to pull out!


Delou says he had to punch her several times before she unclenched her, pit bull like grip, that she had on his schlong! 

Charris was charged with misdemeanor battery, and was allowed to go home….

That would suck,,  or should I say that bites! LOL

Read it for yourself:  Orlando Sentinel.

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A picture is worth thousand words and so is this one…  Jenna Jameson Ex: Porn Queen…  Mama always said don’t do that or you might freeze that way!!!!


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One for The Boys – Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand

90613w9_sand_b-gr_04Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand.  Just thought yawll might like this one..  I know I did….

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