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Hillary Clinton – FUNNY rn’ SHIT

When I first saw this picture it took me a minute….  

But then I had to laugh my ass off….  It is Funny rn’ Shit! 

If anyone knows where I can get one of these GREAT shirts please let me know….


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Sorry, I haven’t been around but I  have been having some problems.  And yes, I am pointing fingers and giving names! 

You see, at the beginning of the school year, we moved from Tyler Texas to Flint, Texas because my son kept coming home from Stewart Middle School with bruises all down one arm and across his chest.  He says that the kids in the ,predominately black, school that he was being forced to attend kept walking up to him, saying hey white boy and then would hit him…. 

I gave him permission to defend himself and in fact insisted on it…  The bruising and harassment continued.  I asked him why he had not defended himself and he explained to me that if he had “They would have swarmed him”!  Then I thought back to things I saw when I was in school and he was right.  If he had attempted to defend himself against the obvious discriminatory remarks and abuse, he would have been attacked by every BLACK kid in the vicinity.

We went to the school and spoke to the “BLACK FEMALE PRINCIPAL”  WITH PICTURES!  The ignorant racist womans said, we will just have him stand right here in front of the window to my office where we can keep an eye on him…. 

I had previously had an older daughter that had attended the same school several years earlier.  They were not allowed to wear band-aids because they were “gang related”..  So instead of getting rid of the gang members, they decided to punish everyone else’s kids by not allowing them to wear band-aids among other things. 

Now I have another daughter ready to attend the same seas-pool.  We knew she wouldn’t be able to survive the attacks.

In the mean time, my neighborhood which I had lived in for 20 years has continued to gain more and more Blacks. 

A new push lawn mower was then stolen from my back yard a few years ago.

Two black teens under the guise of walking their pit bulls were seen entering my garage and steeling a case of cokes….

So we have decided to follow the examples of our other neighbors and move and sell our home of 20 years.  We moved to Flint, leaving several items at the home while it underwent repairs or that would not fit into our new smaller home.

Upon returning to my home in Tyler Tuesday I was first surprised to find my extension ladder along with antique furnature that was left to me by my grandparents, staged in the garage awaiting pickup.  I then noticed the door was open.  Upon entering MY home, I found it devoid of many many items….

I called the police.  Before they arrived, my daughter and I went to one of the neighbors home and rang the door bell several times.  There was no answer…  We knocked several times..  There was still no answer…  As we  were still standing on the neighbors porch the police finally arrived and we greeted them in the front yard.  Suddenly the previously unresponsive neighbors were out in their yard inspecting their blades of grass….

Soon, the husband got on HIS ridding mower and started to mow.

I then approaced the BLACK neighbor and told him what had happened and asked if he had seen any trucks parked in my driveway recently.  He said no, but he had parked his dump truck in our driveway during a recent party he threw for a relative.  I thought nothing of it….

I escorted the police into my home where they began to dust for fingerprints…

After they left I spoke to my other BLACK neighbors which are pretty descent people.  They told me that they had noticed my back gate being open.  I asked when.  They said when the dump-truck was in my driveway….  And that there were cars parked all along both sides of the street….  It still didn’t click…

The first several things I noticed missing was a TV, DVR, 135 gallon Aquarium that was 6 feet 6 inches long which took 4 men to carry in “empty” and my Lawn Tractor which would take 6 men to pick up and load if they didn’t have ramps…. 

When my wife arrived we checked out the storage building which was also ransacked.   She noticed a trail leading over our “chain linked fence” from the neighbors back yard that lead up to our patio…  THEN IT CLICKED!

I had been expecting a fleet of pickup truck to haul off as much stuff that was taken…  And the fact that the aquarium would take up a whole truck bed as would the Lawn Tractor, OR ONE DUMP TRUCK!

That night I got ready to take a shower and they even took the shower heads to both showers and a newly installed light fixture from above the sink in the kitchen….

My children nor my wife have ever heard me utter the notorious “N” word.  Ive always respected and tried to treat people as individual….  UNTIL NOW!  I know that people will accuse me of being a racist..  But if I am I am because they made me this way..  

 My son who, like I said, has never heard me saying anything negative about another race made a comment to me one day a few years ago..  He said “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE”..  I asked him why?  He said, “BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY TREAT ME”! 

This came out of the mouth of a child…  A child that was never experienced racism of anykind growing up….  People claim that racism is passed down from generation to generation.  I agree, it is being passed down by the BLACKS to the white people…

I am now glad that 1/3 rd of all abortions are to black women.  I’m glad that you can donate money to abortion clinics and have it reserved just for the abortion of a black fetus…  I am a newly born racist now at age 43…  Not because I was raised that way by my parents but I was taught to be this way by BLACK PEOPLE!

I know that these people ease their conscious by telling each other they are steeling from a white man who owes them because maybe someone 400 years ago might have been a slave…  If Texas were to succeed from the Union, I hope they bring back slavery!

Here is a list of some of the things that have been found missing in from my home..  Now totaling $15,000.

1    lawn tractor

1    135 gallon aquarium

2    light fixtures

2    shower heads

4   coolers

2   2 wheel dollies

1   skill saw

1   saber saw

1   Toro Weed Eater

1   Gas powered blower

1   25 ft extension cord

1   iron

1   copper urn

1   tool box with tools

1   tote with tools in it.

1   palm sander

1   Fender guitar

4   lock blade knives

20  DVD movies

10   PSP Games

2   gallons of paint

2   paint brushes

1  box of trash bags

20  cabinet knobs

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Truth Hurts – GET OVER IT!

The Truth Hurts some people!  Get the fuck over it!


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Obama’s people be goin to da White hose!OnthewaytotheWhiteHouse

Need I say any more?

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Amy Winehouse – Takes the local culture in ( to her her VAGINA )!

For those of you who don’t know or are like me and don’t really care, Amy Winehouse, has moved to an island.  Some one told her to she should take in the culture…  So she did, into her VAGINA!  She grabbed the first native she could find….



Here she is telling the locals what all they did!



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Feminist scurge

We live in a world consumed with Political Correctness, Sexual discrimination and Gender bigotry.  The very people, however, who are making these outlandish claims are usually the largest contributors to these atrocities and the queen of them all is the “Feminist”! 

Don’t get me wrong, feminism had its place at one time and was probably necessary at one point for our society to grow.  However, going unchecked and unchallenged, for such a long period of time has allowed the FEMINIST BEAST to mutate and grow into a scary all devouring monster that puts our very survival at risk! 

Unless you have visited some of  these  ( Anti Male ) sites disguised as Feminist blogs working toward equality, you have no idea what all is actually being said and done.  The goal of the modern day feminatzi’s is not equality.  They strive for superiority and the extinction of everything that our country and our society has been founded.  Although they are half of the population, they have developed a persona of being a minority group!  And they are not. 

I personally visit a few every day.  I purposely leave sexist remarks just to observe the Killer Feminists swarm attacks the with unrelentless agression seeking only distruction and evisceration and death of anyone who does not share their views. 

I have also experimented by taking on female personalities on these blogs and making identical statements and was welcomed as if I was one with the swarm.  This alone proves that their fundamental mission is no equality rather superiority and destruction of  their  male counterparts.   

I have experimented and taken the approach of combating their hate with logic.  This very seldom works.  They retaliate by swearing, name calling and blabbering obsurd examples that are irrelevant to the topic.  On at-least 3 occasions I have fought them using their own logic and there is silence.  No I agree, good idea or even a kiss my ass…  Just silence. 

I have noticed time after time, I have read eloquently written  and insightful and lengthy comments being posted about any subject and the hoard will target a single remark and attack with the veracity of pack of starving dogs with a piece of meat. 

The feministas are relentless and unforgiving of any infraction that does not strictly conform to their skewed ways of thinking. 

Men are loosing their jobs at alarming rates.  This is partially due to the economy, however, the new infusion of Political Correctness and “alleged” Diversity into today’s society are also playing a huge part.  Men are being terminated because they are of the wrong color or sex and their jobs that they have earned are being given freely to lesser qualified individuals based on their race or gender.  Society, or rather the people in power, do not understand why men, and particularly “white men” are so upset about this.

Wal-Mart, for one example are now disconnecting themselves from law-firms that do not meet the idea of what they believe to be diversified.  They are expecting them to terminate attorneys that are white and male because they are white or male and insisting that they are replaced with people who are less qualified for the positions because they are of a minority race or female. 

In a case overseen by Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a large group of firemen took tests to be passably be promoted.  Of those who were tested, none of the people who passed or made high enough scores were black.  So, it was decided that since the outcome was not what, those who are in power, wanted, no one was promoted and the test was made easier so the black people would be able to pass it. Blacks have the same availability to education as anyone else, so why was this seen necessary?

These are clear cases of sexual and racial discrimination against white men.   The voice of the white man has been taken away. 

If you even look at commercials with a comical undertone you will notice that it is the white man who is made fun of.  If it were a black man or a woman being make fun of in these commercials either the feministas or the NAACP would be up in arms, stopping the images of their perspective peoples being made to look at idiots on National Television.  However, the “White Man” is made grin and bear it!

Her is one good example.  If the rolls here were reversed and the “black man” was blowing bubble in the white mans tube, we all know what would happen!

Here is a another one…  Making the white man look like an idiot while feminist scurge are made to seem smart!  Du?

Here is the best one of ALL!  Have you ever noticed in the news, if someone has committed a crime and the person is black, they say alleged but if a white man might be involved they say “A white male”? 

In this commercial it depicts a white man breaking into a black woman’s house!  HOW REALISTIC IS THIS?  When was the last time you heard of this happening?!  Just one more example of how white men are being beaten into extinction and made to look like the filth of the earth!

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